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2003 press releases

CHICAGO, International Housewares Show - January 12, 2003 - According to Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, the world of home furnishings is calming when it comes to color. Words such as "extravagant" and "shocking" are being replaced by "real" and "comforting" when describing 2003's palettes for the home, which show a decided attitude of home-as-haven and a noticeable calming of color.


"The overall forecast for 2003 is one of more muted, traditional and classic shades," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. "What we are seeing is a clear sign that now, more than ever, people are turning to their homes as havens. We are spending more and more time at home, and relying on where we live for warmth and comfort. In terms of color, that means shades that are traditional and familiar - classic, not flashy or trendy."


"Knowledge of color trends is critical at every price point and every level of merchandise," Eiseman added. "Consumers today are looking for functional, well-designed, quality merchandise, and they want it in a broad choice of color and finish that fits their comfort level and lifestyle."


The eight most directional color palettes for the home in 2003 are featured at the PANTONE ColorWatch display at the Level 3 Lobby of Lakeside Center. The PANTONE Home Furnishings Color Forecast, containing 2" x 2" swatch cards of each of the 81 forecasted colors, is available at a special show price of $125 at the Pantone booth.

The eight color palettes are:




With Americans seeking a sense of connection to each other as well as to the past, many will feel comforted by a palette that suggests linkage, heritage and history, a literal patchwork of traditional colors. Styles may vary from classic to country, but the colors remain true to traditional, including deepened blues and denim blues, hunter greens, garnet reds, winter whites and warm, welcoming golden yellows.


PANTONE 19-1655 Garnet
PANTONE 17-4021 Faded Denim

PANTONE 13-0932 Cornsilk
PANTONE 19-1436 Cinnamon

PANTONE 19-0622 Military Olive
PANTONE 14-1107 Oyster Gray

PANTONE 19-5511 Hunter Green
PANTONE 19-3839 Blue Ribbon

PANTONE 11-0507 Winter White




Reminiscent of the more recent past, yet done with a contemporary flair, the Retrospective palette is inspired by mid 20th century decor and represents the continuing movement to the muted midtones that are suggestive of softer edges and vintage fabrics. The blurred images of colors seem to exist only in memory. Notable shadings are rosy taupes, light mahogany, misty grays, muted greens and pearl blues.


PANTONE 14-4206 Pearl Blue
PANTONE 17-1109 Chinchilla

PANTONE 13-1108 Cream Ta
PANTONE 18-1436 Light Mahogany
PANTONE 16-5907 Granite Green
PANTONE 16-0906 Simply Taupe

PANTONE 12-0418 Hay
PANTONE 18-4105 Moon Mist

PANTONE 17-1505 Quail
PANTONE 18-1612 Rose Taupe




Discretion speaks of all things organic or mineral in nature. Featured are earth-friendly colors that are the antithesis of artificiality, in treatments such as woven basketry, worn or weathered finishes and simple motifs. Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of wabi-sabi and rooted in an appreciation of natural elements, the designs and colors are modest, familiar, lacking pretension, low key and long-lived. Included in this palette are earth-reds and browns, weathered blue-purple, ochre, spruce blues, ashy woodtones and sage greens.


PANTONE 16-1221 Roebuck
PANTONE 15-0318 Sage Green

PANTONE 17-1210 Moon Rock
PANTONE 19-3725 Purple Velvet

PANTONE 18-1444 Red Earth
PANTONE 14-1108 Wood Ash

PANTONE 19-1020 Dark Earth
PANTONE 17-1134 Brown Sugar

PANTONE 14-1036 Ochre
PANTONE 18-5308 Blue Spruce




Just as the name implies, Diversity celebrates the variety of ethnic groups within our borders. A kaleidoscope of vivacious color, this palette is tempered by a backdrop of deep, rich shades and warm neutrals, resulting in a marriage of multi-faceted, often complex and folkloric mixtures of dusty oranges, mineral yellows and shades of spice and ebony used in tandem with vibrant fuchsia, sultry reds or bright blues.


PANTONE 19-1241 Tortoise Shell
PANTONE 16-1344 Dusty Orange
PANTONE 15-1046 Mineral Yellow
PANTONE 17-0839 Golden Palm

PANTONE 18-0950 Cathay Spice
PANTONE 19-2924 Hollyhock

PANTONE 19-3938 Twilight Blue
PANTONE 19-0920 Canteen

PANTONE 19-1764 Lipstick Red
PANTONE 18-4043 Palace Blue

PANTONE 18-1250 Bombay Brown
PANTONE 19-4005 Stretch Limo




Elan is a happy, youthful palette that expresses a sense of joie de vivre. Evocative of delectable tastes and floral scents, these not-quite-brights inspire unique and whimsical combinations such as endive and cyclamen, sweet pea and primrose yellow, peach blossom and taffy tan. Easter egg shades are teamed with creamy caramel colors, providing a novel and imaginative direction for the future.


PANTONE 13-2006 Almond Blossom
PANTONE 15-0513 Sweet Pea

PANTONE 13-0755 Primrose Yellow
PANTONE 13-1022 Caramel Cream

PANTONE 16-1626 Peach Blossom
PANTONE 16-3118 Cyclamen

PANTONE 16-0940 Taffy
PANTONE 16-3925 Easter Egg

PANTONE 15-3412 Orchid Bouquet
PANTONE 13-0632 Endive




Renewal offers a revitalizing palette of both warm and cool greens, as in a splash of turquoise blue-green emanating from the sea combined with warm herbal greens emerging from the earth. The greens may be intriguingly underscored by misty or mossy grays, or combined with sunny lime tones, providing a fresh, creative approach to the gregarious greens.


PANTONE 12-0741 Sunny Lime
PANTONE 14-6324 Peapod

PANTONE 14-4516 Moderate Blue
PANTONE 18-4726 Biscay Bay

PANTONE 15-0336 Herbal Green
PANTONE 13-0532 Celery Green

PANTONE 19-4517 Dark Blue Green
PANTONE 16-5804 Slate Gray

PANTONE 16-4013 Chicory
PANTONE 15-6410 Moss Gray



A theme that displays contemporary, uncluttered design, Moderno may also incorporate classical touches, especially in subtle shadings of walnut brown, regal blue, plum and ash purples. It is a palette that reflects an eclectic dichotomy of tastes as displayed in metallic glints of both burnished champagne beige and sleek futuristic silver that are used as accents.


PANTONE 17-3810 Purple Ash
PANTONE 18-1405 Flint

PANTONE 18-1716 Damson
PANTONE 18-1112 Walnut

PANTONE 15-4706 Gray Mist
PANTONE 18-3922 Coronet Blue

PANTONE 16-4114 Stone Blue
PANTONE 17-0613 Vertiver Green
PANTONE 14-1012 Champagne Beige  PANTONE 14-5002 Silver




The ultimate peaceful palette, Enlightenment symbolizes the need to return to innocence - a clear, clean and uncomplicated palette infused with a soft, filtered light. Colors are either pristine and pure whites, or the quietest of pastels with just a hint of tint. The names of many of the colors tell of their hushed and soothing atmosphere: Rosewater, Turtledove, Spa Blue, Jade Green, Transparent Yellow and Summer Shower.


PANTONE 11-0606 Pristine
PANTONE 11-1408 Rosewater
PANTONE 11-0617 Transparent Yellow
PANTONE 12-0315 White Jade

PANTONE 12-5202 Turtledove
PANTONE 11-4802 Summer Shower

PANTONE 11-0601 Bright White
PANTONE 12-4305 Spa Blue

PANTONE 11-1005 Bridal Blush
PANTONE 12-0804 Cloud Cream


About Pantone, Inc.

Pantone, Inc., developer of the globally accepted PANTONE Color Systems, is the leading source of traditional and electronic products for the selection and accurate communication of color. With 40 years of experience, Pantone is recognized as the worldwide market leader in color communication and color technology for the graphic design, printing, publishing, textile and plastics industries. More information is available at www.pantone.com.



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